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Brand new test

2017-04-19 15:05:23 by DJauditor
Updated ->that's a newer (and posibbly worse) one

0/10? Thanks the sprites @dudingdarn 

Cheeseman out

Romp.fla sproites

2017-04-02 11:43:54 by DJauditor

Fla (for Animate cc only)

Swf (for almost all Flash versions)

No Credit required, but appreciated :D

I also have updated my Incident:111A sprite sheet (still does not require credit)

Cheeseman out

Animating tip

2017-03-13 12:17:36 by DJauditor

Does any of you know a good how to animate madness combat-kinda video on youtube?

Please link it! Thanks!

my char

2017-02-28 13:29:31 by DJauditor

My Character. If you use, give credit or die, pretty please.

Credits are included in the file, but all thank goes to: 

0Rockluki0 (employer)

Deronmadness & AISFDB (G04lM shield)

Krinkels (original creator & flames)

Me {DJauditor aka Cheeseman} ( recolor'd flames)

the worst of all, ain't it?

2017-02-26 14:09:17 by DJauditor

sproites: 0Rockluki0 (employer) Deronmadness & AISFDB (G04lM shield) an krinkels

even worse

2017-02-26 10:57:52 by DJauditor


Sproites by Krinkels

how bad it is?

2017-02-25 08:17:26 by DJauditor

An extremly wrong test

Sproites by: 0Rockluki0 (employer) Deronmadness & AISFDB (G04lM shield)  and of course Krinkels

Should this get a 0 out of 10?

that's my birthday

2017-01-29 04:55:59 by DJauditor

happy birth...errnoday to me


2017-01-18 13:38:54 by DJauditor

Last year, someone made a custom agent sprite sheet, which included even some nexus 1 units. Can someone tell me who was that guy? I somehow deleted every sprite sheet from my pc and I really need it. Thanks!

Ps. The Project nexus animation is well...being paused at the moment and happy new year/BÚÉK !


2016-06-09 12:00:18 by DJauditor

Does somebody know where can I find this: Madness Project nexus mod versão 1 é fnaf mod?

Thanks a lot!