2013-05-08 14:10:05 by DJauditor

how can i convert swf to fla?

pls tell a FREEWARE program.



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2013-05-08 14:40:25

hmmm yeah i guess i need it too , i'll search for it and if i find something i'll tell ya

DJauditor responds:

ok thnx


2013-05-09 08:45:50

You can import swf files into Flash, unless it's protected. If it is, there are plenty of programs that let you hack the files, but none of them will generate the same timeline as the original file. They'll managed to snatch all the resources (graphics etc) displayed/heard, but not the ones only in the library, and usually the layers are all wrong. There's a reason fla files are bigger than swf files, not all data is exported when you publish.