2013-05-05 07:07:15 by DJauditor

hell yeah bye bye macromedia flash 8 welcome adobe flash pro cs6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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2013-05-05 09:47:45

cs6 sucks.

(Updated ) DJauditor responds:

why? And how can I add a camera in flash pro cs6? pls help me!



2013-05-07 06:43:56

What an upgrade! :D I switched form CS5 to 6 last week, had to put together a few files but one of them was in CS6 so I couldn't open it before. Doesn't seem to be that big a difference, except it takes way longer to save a file. From 8 to CS6 there's definitely a lot of improvement though, check out the filters for MCs or text! Glow, etc, lots of fun stuff there.

DJauditor responds:

of course.